Reconciliation of Nagas a threat to the Government of India’s unpublished policies?

As the road to concrete reconciliation is a difficult one vowing to do just that is no token endeavor. Thus, the Naga International Support Center congratulates the Naga groups for, under the auspices of the FNR, coming together as one.

However, to forgive but not forget needs wisdom, statesmanship and accompanying action. Action like purifying the united Naga Organization from the causes on which this horrendously aggressive diversity was based, causes which led to indiscriminant killing of fellow Nagas.

Since NNC, NSCN-Khaplang and the NSCN-Isak Muivah groups know the reasons for these violent separations very well, they should be able to forgive but also to built on a Naga society where trust and respect prevails and the gun is used to defend the people against the real enemies of the Nagas.

The reasons for conflicts among the Nagas are multifold but not created by Nagas alone; the separation caused by the Shillong Accord and the separation of the Khaplang group happened due to the infusion of the Divide and Rule policy of the Government of India. On the other end of the spectrum and no matter how influenced all Naga groups claim and maintain that ‘sovereignty’ is the core reason for their existence.

Then, if sovereignty is the goal of the Naga Forces, a conviction they act on behalf and in defense of the Naga Peoples what is more natural than coming together as one?

This is an important observation because those, who truly defend the Naga peoples against alien invaders to achieve their Freedom, have the right to act on their behalf; they represent them. As the Naga Peoples too have the right to self determination, a universal right in the Covenant of the United Nations the Government of India also was a signatory to, the Naga forces act to defend that very right; the right determine their own future.

Though Nagas in general have a common goal still individuals, groups, political parties can differ in their opinion on how the Naga Nation should be governed, governed with respect to the rights of all Nagas. These differences are free to express and during elections Nagas should be able to express these preferences without be they voted without being harassed, bribed, coerced or otherwise influenced.

A reconciled Naga Organization stands strong and defeats the divide and rule policy of the Government of India. Though ultimately the Government of India has failed, it is not likely to gracefully bow out. Only with successful peace talks will the Government of India cease its efforts to subdue.

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