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Reconciliation of Nagas a threat to the Government of India’s unpublished policies?

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As the road to concrete reconciliation is a difficult one vowing to do just that is no token endeavor. Thus, the Naga International Support Center congratulates the Naga groups for, under the auspices of the FNR, coming together as one.

However, to forgive but not forget needs wisdom, statesmanship and accompanying action. Action like purifying the united Naga Organization from the causes on which this horrendously aggressive diversity was based, causes which led to indiscriminant killing of fellow Nagas. read more »

Book: Forbidden Land

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“Enter the Forbidden Land – The Quest For Nagalim

By Frans Welman

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Enter the Forbidden Land tells the story of three attempts by Frans Welman and his companions to enter Nagaland, the land of more than forty Naga tribes. read more »